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We are known for our lighting electronics expertise and our development & manufacturing capabilities thereof. Our focus on quality, our R & D capabilities, market responsiveness and the ability to scale up manufacturing capacities for meeting client’s needs distinguishes us, making us a preferred supplier for the who’s who of the lighting industry.

GLOWIA is leading the LED Revolution and creating beautifully-lit spaces around the world. We offer innovative energy saving techniques to increase cost-saving opportunities and resolve energy crisis. Typically we can achieve energy savings of 20-50%, with in 1 to 3 year payback period.

We are pioneers in developing high quality LED control gears that perform reliably under the power supply conditions prevailing in India. Today, the product portfolio of GLOWIA comprises of of electronic control gears, luminaries, retrofit LEDs, LED drivers and other LED lighting products. These are manufactured in plants with a capacity of millions LED products per month.

LED lighting high on illumination and low on energy consumption, With no compromise in energy savings, the eco-friendly range of LEDs from GLOWIA offer you high quality optics that promises uniform lighting. Now, replace your incandescent and halogen lamps with long lasting LED lights for uninterrupted service for years. We promise to help you lighten and brighten your homes or workplaces with a motive of achieving nominal lighting across India.